Josué Hazoury (“JH”) Grandgerard

Josue Hazoury JH-Grandgerard
Josué Hazoury (“JH”) Grandgerard was born in Santo Domingo in 1978 to a mother of French descent and a father of Lebanese descent.

He began his Tae-Kwon-Do apprenticeship at the age of 2 and a half, becoming the youngest black belt in all of America in 1987 at the age of 9. This event prevented him from following his pace as a competitor and from that early age, he was inclined to teaching, a vocation that would grow throughout his development.

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Graduated with honors from a college of Carmelite nuns, JH Grandgerard embarked on a career in Civil Engineering that he completed at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo at the age of 22.He then receives a scholarship and completes his master’s degree in Structural Design at Utah State University, USA.

He started a doctorate in Composite Materials, but decided to abandon it to return to his country and start a business.

During his stay in the USA and only 21 years old, JH Grandgerard learned about the financial markets, and embarks on a long search for information.

His first decision was to change careers, but to his surprise and great disappointment there was no college degree in trading, something that would mark JH deeply.He returned to his country and started several businesses, always studying the markets and always with the idea of ​​resuming trading and creating that career that he never found at the right time.

Once settled and with resources from his ventures, he decides to dedicate himself 100% to in-depth trading research.

He studied all the available material and puts it into practice for several years. Then He decided to return to his great vision and started a long content creation process, in order to create his first professional trading career.

This led JH Grandgerard to create TendenciasFX at the beginning of 2010.

During the first 5 years of TendenciasFX, JH Grandgerard conducted dozens of virtual tests, face-to-face, and hybrid teaching methodologies to optimize and design the trading career that you always envisioned and never found when you needed it.

This constitutes the great vision that JH has embodied in TendenciasFX, that of creating and promoting to young people a genuine and professional trading career.

An elitist and sophisticated career but with great potential, and aligned with the technological and labor changes of our present times.

Like all startups, JH suffered big dips in his progress from creating the academy, but over the years, consistent hard work of research, trial and error, began to pay off.

In 2015, JH Grandgerard decided to start the TendenciasFX Scholarship Program, as a way to give back the opportunity that he personally received at age 21.

JH believes that we must give talented young people support and the opportunity to receive good quality training to support our Ibero-American community and break the cycle of underdevelopment.

In 2016, JH decided to open the first TFX office in Barcelona, ​​starting the physical expansion of TendenciasFX. This decision for logistics, allowed to locate the epicenter of the Academy in the European time zone, where the greatest amount of opportunities in global markets are taken advantage of and to plant an ideal geographic center with a view to expanding the academy in the rest of Europe.

After a first year of bad experiences and great failures, the academy resumes its course successfully in its second year 2017, and JH manages to substantially raise the quality of face-to-face training in the world of trading globally.

Currently JH Grandgerard is dedicated to optimizing the content and teaching structure that make up the TFX trading career. Provides personalized mentoring to colleagues participating in TFX, their instructors and their traders. He is involved in the tools and in the planning of expansion and organizational logistics of TendenciasFX.

His hobbies include reading, training, going to the beach, philosophizing, and trading. JH Grandgerard dedicates the creation of TendenciasFX to all his children.

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