EURNZD: Seguimiento de Posiciones


We are going to see a positioning that I have brought in EURNZD for several weeks; a short / medium term positioning and the idea here is to come and seek continuityof the sequence in the diary, so we have the targets in this low zone. Initially I come to execute an entry at this point; where a sign is put in the newspaper and in the TF Micro I come to look for a good scenario and there I specifically execute the entry. The ticket keeps running and at these important points of the Downward Trend, I made several tickets but the price turns around. In this graph we can see the cycles that the price performs, which are continuous and that make up the market, we see how it begins to enter dynamic range (Accumulation), then an upward trend and at the last moment it was in a distribution.

We can see the entrance, the only one that has survived because it is placed at this high point, allowing us to survive those cycles. It is currently in CR and the stage is still completely open. You can see how the price is going to clear the 1.6937 area more and more and it was exactly yesterday at M5; where I come to look for an opportunity, I run the entry looking at that first – second – third cleaning looking for that Swing. I leave the entrance running and it is precisely when I come to work again where I re-enter with a first partial in the next obstacle and then I leave in CR. The scenario is still open, I keep looking for the lower zone of the newspaper and that new downward trend; so, if I put something here in the H1 Structure, I would be trying another sale to follow the sequence.

This is an excellent example to see the true essence of trading, as the Price Language methodology allows us to practically hit the market in any situation or context that is found and see how this career is very similar to being a sniper; we are filtering many scenarios in real time most of the time, with the objective of taking such good movements that occur in the market. We know firsthand that most don’t shoot like that and we don’t care which one will, that’s not the job; We don’t have to guess anything and that is a very common mistake that most make. That’s just where the play-management game comes in.

Here is another opportunity in the Structure of H1, I execute it at the beginning of the day and everything ahead, it brings good geometry and we effectively see how the price shoots up. So we will be looking at this area for management and leaving the rest to the Macro objective.

           Work on your weakness until it becomes your strength.-Knute Rockne.